20th February 2024 (T.C.)

This meditation was conducted outdoors, in a public place, where I could only partially disconnect.

Upon closing my eyes, I focused on my breathing and, after a few minutes, started my mantra. As my vision became clearer, I saw a ring with a pink cloud inside it. While chanting, I extended my light into the cloud, illuminating an energy that swirled like smoke. Around the 5-minute mark, the energy began to swirl, and a portal appeared in front of me. The portal was supported by a large, pure black orb, surrounded by sparkling, pure white light. White orb clouds started emanating from the portal, and I began sending light into it. I exchanged energy for a few minutes before ending the meditation.

Later in the day…

With headphones on and listening to music with my eyes closed, I found myself almost always cloaked in a thick pink astral cloud. This time, waves of purple pulsated through it. I noticed little white dots appearing, and flashes of geometric lines connected these dots. One of the plutonic shapes appeared, floating and rotating slowly, with spirals of DNA strands swimming around and through it (I will provide a drawing). A purple ethereal creature, gliding like a whale, opened its chest, revealing more sparkling dots of light, resembling little constellations.

To my left, a female exhaled DNA strands that spun into a spiral, entering the whale creature. As it floated away, the scene transitioned into an almost yellow-white glow. Everything then faded to a dull pink. The overall feeling of this experience was expansive and loving. There were several black orbs present in this place.