4th February 2023


Hello (M) this is Thomas.

I’m here to take you all on a ‘Journey into Space’ in order to help you understand more about the Connections and how they affect Earth and its inhabitants, flora, fauna etc. – and vice versa. My job description can best be described as a Galactic Teacher.

It is only by looking at the Universe at large that things can really be understood. Just think of a human body – you can’t become aware of how it works just by looking at a single part.

So what We are looking at is a way to first make people know for themselves, that not only is there life elsewhere, but there is a way to Connect with these Beings.

As you know this has been done with a few members of your group, who travelled to different points in Space.

We aim to do this again, but to increase the numbers dramatically, so that many Meditators have the opportunity to do this. The more people who have personal proof of other Worlds and other Lifeforms the better.

Only now that many people have discovered their true Nature, their vibration is much higher and they are now able to Link properly with Extraterrestrial Beings.

This Transmission was received over a period of 3 days.