5th April 2019


Atoms can be looked at in two different ways – one from the aspect of a human being’s DNA in his physical body. The other from an entirely different viewpoint, Universal Atoms coming from the Highest Planes in the Spiritual Realms to the physical. See it like you saw Love in Enlightenment – as a Universal Love which pervades everything and has a different aspect on each aspect of Creation.

I’ll carry on – so no two atoms are the same, just as no two snowflakes are the same. They produce human beings and all other matter to make no two items/people/objects the same.

This is the Magic of the Universe and about which everything sits. This is hard for people to grasp that anything so small can affect someone’s consciousness and all in a slightly different way. But it happens in Nature too.

When a person starts to ‘Wake Up’ and look for the Bigger Picture – that is even before he starts to Meditate, then the whole of his body Wakes Up too. Nothing is separate.

You can’t say it is the mind, or body or Spirit – it’s all One.