5th March 2023


What would we expect to become aware of when making contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences?

I’d like to take you through what might happen when the next Mantra is given. It won’t be for a few days as We would like you to make the best use of the preparation Mantras already given. Some of you have had some very interesting Experiences with them.

This is new to you as most of you are used to having Experiences related to the Wonders of the Light and Sound Meditation not necessarily seeing Beings and/or Communicating with Them!

Try not to go looking for anything to happen. It could be a voice in your head or a sensation of a Being trying to Contact you. Ask who They are and try to get a conversation going. It might help to write it down. Or you could see a Being inside who may try and Communicate with you telepathically.

Many Meditators around the World do this quite regularly. We are trying to Connect more people, to have the opportunity to learn and grow.

You just need to be open to all possibilities!