5th May 2016


We would like to talk to you about the origins of man and his place in the Universe. You may have asked yourselves why there are so many wars and conflicts. If you look historically to the Dawn of Time you will find that True Spirituality seems to come when there is most conflict. There is a cyclic nature to all things and each person plays their part in this natural process.

When you observe Nature you find that in every species, from the largest animal to the smallest microorganism they all have one thing in common – they are fighting for survival. There are so many aspects to life that make survival possible. The larger the species. the more they need to do to keep themselves alive (in general).

In the wild there are countless examples of animals fighting to survive. Within human bodies there are ‘wars’ going on to kill viruses and bacteria. When man first inhabited the Planet he had to fight for food and shelter – now he fights for property, land and possessions. Not a lot has changed, just the magnitude of a Planet teaming with life; people with higher expectations and continually wanting more.