July 2020 (E.W.)


We used the mantra DEE SEE RAA MEE, which connect us to different planets, different galaxies and dimensions. Is extremely powerful. We connect with this mantra and we all went to the pyramid of Giza. We found there a Merkaba (a vehicle of light). We all received a crystal, which was like a key. That merkaba was like a ship. The four of us travelled to many places, first to El Cairo, to Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Panama, Greece, Peru, many Volcanos around the world. Then I went to the north Atlantic, a great water swirl took place there. Then we went to the Tibet, I saw another dot of light, it was like an antenna that connected to other galaxies.

Afterwards, they took me to Greenland, Zurich, Swiss Alps, in all of these places there were like a gate that connects to other dimensions. Then we went to Isla de Pascua, Antarctica, and all the pyramids in planet Earth. After this trip we came back to the light swirl. Through this swirl I went outside our planet, I could see Earth from above.

From the outside of the planet I saw a light being, transparent, full of light, full of love, her eyes, mouth and nose were like a painting. She had an amazing energy, showed us peace and so much light. She told me that we needed to connect these antennas to Andromeda galaxy, that way we could make a movement of the axis of the galaxy, in order to unify both galaxies, because at some point both galaxies are going to unite, and all the planets that are there are going to have contact with us. We have to move the axis of the galaxy.

The Orion galaxy supports us energetically, the north and south axes of our planet. We unifying those points of light are going to connect with 33 planets of Andromeda. Everything connects as if it were a triangular mesh. In this first part we did the triangulation with 9 planets. 6 of the 9 names of these planets were given to me by the Regent, that beautiful being of light that guided us in the process.

The names of those planets are Rumpac, Prano, Omm Tak Off, Ramah, Ushpictac and Hom Tak.

Ish Mash Tash Mash, she is the being of light who helped us. All communication was telepathically. Everything is handled in frequencies. The frequency emanates sounds, and with those sounds they communicate. Then he told us that we were going to meet again. He told us that this is the first phase, other more phases are coming.

Little by little we were returning and we landed in the Giza pyramids. We deliver the light ship and the key. We are totally full of love, it is a very deep love connection. As above, so below, so there is here. It is a support that we are giving each other between galaxies.