July 2020 (M.C.)


Many times one can dream of living an experience that will change your life forever, and suddenly you realize that this experience is already happening just in front of you.

I met the GEMS little by little, just like the precious stones, I discovered them in the same way I was discovering myself. All of them are great women with a heart full of infinity love, each one vibrates with an element that makes them unique in the whole universe. And suddenly I was there, just about to begin with a light mission beside my sisters from many others lives.

At first I felt a little out of focus, because my mind could not process the immensity of the work that was going to be done, thinking that I was going to go astral to the Egyptian pyramids and then I was going to activate my merkaba and connect with other galaxies, it was too crazy all together.

Suddenly we closed our eyes and began to follow the course of our breathing, we began to sing the mantra, then another mantra, then the last one and I began to feel how little by little I was letting go my body, I entered in presence and I could see something wonderful It was the first time that I knew what a merkaba (vehicle of light) is, it was literally a luminous ship that together with my essence took me at a great speed to the interior of the pyramid. There I saw my sisters as they prepared to do the work … one of them (G) stood in the middle and the other 3 formed a triangle of power. Suddenly the one in the middle anchored the energy in the earth and 3 very powerful columns of light were activated through our channels. And one by one I could see how they came out at a high speed through that light tube, and suddenly when it touched me, everything was erased and I no longer felt anything, I could only feel that I was sailing at high speeds through the cosmos, and the vibration I felt was so strong that it brought me into a state of recollection and presence. I don’t remember where they took me, or what I did at those points, I could only perceive that I was traveling and that the energy that was taking me was like a huge, very powerful river.

When I returned, I saw many masters of light around us inside the pyramid, all in a position of reverence and with a beautiful smile on their faces.

Suddenly I realized that I had a crystal in my hands and that little by little it stopped vibrating as my breathing calmed down. I could see my sisters next to me inside the pyramid again, and that was like seeing a postcard from ancient times, a memory of a job we did so long ago, and now we were only remembering part of the purpose of our life in the Earth.

In the blink of an eye, they brought me back to my house, to my room. Everything was very fast, there was no time to see in detail all the beings that accompanied us inside the pyramid, I could only feel that they were from all over the galaxy and beyond.

When I opened my eyes, my whole body was shocked by the amount of energy I had been able to feel, my mind could not understand what had happened, my soul was happy because I felt that I had done a loving work for the good of the humanity and the process we are going through.