Words are so inadequate when it comes to describing such Wonders.
We thank you for trying.


29th February 2024 (T.C.)

  During these moments, I experience an extraordinary sensation of transcendence. I soar through space, simultaneously feeling infinitely small and expansive. As I close my eyes, I’m drawn towards a black hole, its gravitational pull beckoning me into its depths once more. Racing deeper, I reach a dark core housing a singular hyper-dimensional sphere, its intricate folds defying description or… Read more →

26th February 2024

  Report on the new project of the Nube Dwarf Galaxy group I started meditating on this project on Tuesday. Since Wednesday, every time I close my eyes, I see small dots of light, which gradually disappear as I recite the mantra, turning into one that emits white light, then there is a great darkness that appears. Even when I… Read more →

26th February 2024 (T.C.)

  This is my report on tbe Nube Galaxy. I notice myself being pulled. From my third eye, a spiral of white and purple, or gold and purple. Once the link is made I’m on the inside of the black hole. Inside there is a very intricate energy grid. It’s vibrating at a very high frequency. In this grid live… Read more →

20th February 2024 (T.C.)

  This meditation was conducted outdoors, in a public place, where I could only partially disconnect. Upon closing my eyes, I focused on my breathing and, after a few minutes, started my mantra. As my vision became clearer, I saw a ring with a pink cloud inside it. While chanting, I extended my light into the cloud, illuminating an energy… Read more →

5th February 2024

  I have seen a path that leads to a cave, and it emits light. Also, I’ve noticed a lot of green in the reddish soil. I observed a mountain of houses, as if many houses were built on the mountain, reaching up to the summit. Furthermore, I spotted a bird much larger than a duck. Read more →

5th February 2024

  Hello. On the first day, I saw intense darkness, feeling as if I had been swallowed into its depths. The darkness initially seemed to move, resembling a walking entity—it’s amazing, a black color so blissful. Then it stopped, and a radiant light, bright like the sun but with a sand-like droplet, suddenly appeared. I found myself in an expansive… Read more →

6th August 2023

  I want to tell you about an experience I had on August 6th. I was at the mall at 9 am, there were almost no people there, I had to wait 1 hour there. There was a couple about 20 meters away from me and next to them I saw something like a beige curtain approximately 1 meter and… Read more →

19th June 2023 (Ms A)

  I have been hearing voices, my ears become heavy as if they are blocked, then a voice speaks outside of me like up above and around. Some days in the last 2 weeks, when I was inside watching TV, a grayish creature came (or he seemed to be wearing grayish clothes) his face was like black glass. He looked… Read more →

14th June 2023 (I.K.)

  I started a meditation of Extraterrestrial Life Form Project using the given protocol on 03 May 2023. I completed the 6 weeks on 13 June 2023. EXPERIENCES *First Week.* First Week of the first mantra I Experienced a huge sound like a bass whistle in my left ear for 2 minutes, then a lot of pressure on my head… Read more →

13th June 2023 – a Teacher.

  (J) 8 years old. A boy of eight years old spontaneously starts talking to me about his dreams. It’s good to know that he Meditates every evening. He is familiar with meditation on Light and Sound. In his dream, he travels to various Planets. He feels very much at home there. He also says that he finds traveling incredibly… Read more →