This project is open to absolutely everybody. If you are new to meditation please don’t worry. Simply Click Here for help and advice.

We have received 4 Special Mantras that are designed to project Meditators into Space and to create Connections to Extraterrestrial Intelligences, We have trialled them over the last few months and have shared some of our results below.

The Mantras should be said internally for a period of just 10 minutes a day, after which simply let go and observe. Your mind will be there but try and see if anything unusual appears. This might take the form of Light, Sound or a Feeling. Try not to analyse – simply go with it!

The complete protocol can be found at the bottom of the page.


First Mantra

To be said for 10 minutes a day.


Click below to hear pronunciation.

The Mantra TEEM SEE LAA is part of a series of Sounds to be said by all those wishing to participate in this Mission. It is to align the Meditator and make adjustments where necessary. So some of you may be feeling manipulations on your head and/or body.

You may feel more focussed and be taken to points in Space. This is just the beginning!

Testimonials from people who have used the First Mantra:

  • “I felt a strong pressure on the top of my head as if a heavy weight had been lowered onto it.”
  • “After saying the Mantra I felt a pressure on my forhead and a sense of being healed. This was followed by a sensation of expansion, like being in space.”
  • “I was meditating on the night of 12th February and at first I was blocked, I felt as if there were heavy clouds pressing down on my head. After about 10 minutes I had the idea of creating a pathway through the clouds and immediately imagined a pathway opening up, cutting through the clouds. Instantly, I could see the night sky and millions of stars.”
  • “As soon as I finish the mantra for 12 minutes, I start the meditation and a cloudy white veil appears with a hole in the center and I immerse myself inside it. Many images appear that I can’t identify and I immediately go to a sound like when you’re inside a glass container. I reach an etheric state with soft movements, the color is difficult to define, it could be between blues and dim grays forming soft flames, It is a very peaceful state.”



The next Mantra that will be given – it will show much more of the Connections between the inhabitants of Earth and other Galaxies.

You will all understand more of what you call levels of Consciousness and how other Lifeforms in other parts of the Cosmos are intrinsically linked to humans on Earth.


Second Mantra

To be said for 10 minutes a day.


Click below to hear pronunciation.

When starting to say this Mantra you might find it easier to sound it out loud. When you feel confident with the pronunciation then say it internally.

Testimonials and Channelling from people who have used the Second Mantra:

  • “While sleeping I suddenly became aware of the night sky and a shift in Consciousness! I observed a central star and then witnessed the stars around it beginning to move backwards and forwards in circular arcs. This was most definitely a lucid dream.”
  • “My experience has been continuous with this Being, even without meditation, it is as if it made me feel what has happened and what is to come, a lot of movement on Planet (Earth, Air, Water) in this time, but most importantly NOT FEAR. Today I understood the importance of this contact. I understand the company that we are going to have over time, it is so delicate and not very invasive that I did not realize how magnificent it is.”

Be aware that information can come at any time during the day or night, not just when you are formally Meditating.

Something will just ‘dawn’ on you that you hadn’t realized before. You may be talking to someone and suddenly you get an answer to a puzzling question.

You can have lucid dreams where you could either see points in Space, Galaxies etc. or even meet Extraterrestrial Beings and converse with Them. Don’t disregard anything and share what you are learning.

Really, it’s the diversity that we look upon as something quite incredible. I wish that you people from Earth could see what we can, so you would appreciate its beauty and majesty – all the types of life existing simultaneously.

You cage your animals and birds instead of letting them be free. You still use weapons of every description in order to defend yourselves and fight your battles.

But in you there is hope – hope for a better tomorrow – hope for wars to cease, poverty to end.

This is why it has been necessary to have a Spiritual Revolution, so as to raise the Consciousness of humankind. We Light Workers in other parts of the Cosmos have been asked to assist with this. You have already done your work by forging Connections/Pathways so we can help.

You have been told many times, and you can see it happening, that it is the time for massive Spiritual growth on the Planet Earth.

Try not to go looking for anything to happen. It could be a voice in your head or a sensation of a Being trying to Contact you. Ask who They are and try to get a conversation going. It might help to write it down. Or you could see a Being inside who may try and Communicate with you telepathically.

Many Meditators around the World do this quite regularly. We are trying to Connect more people, to have the opportunity to learn and grow.

You just need to be open to all possibilities!


Third Mantra

To be said for 10 minutes a day.


Click below to hear pronunciation.


As We said before, the effects of this and all Mantras given on this Project, will be many and varied.

Some will be Earthbound, ways of healing and effective ways of dealing with emotions – and all manner of Earthly concerns including wars.

Some of you will find Pathways to different Galaxies in order to discover aspects of the lives of other Beings in the Cosmos.

Nothing is barred – be bold, be brave, discover your potential!

Testimonials from people who have used the Third Mantra:

  • “After using the Third Mantra I let go and went into a wonderful State of tranquil Stillness. Time passed and then suddenly I found myself in the most beautiful Star cluster.

    I would guess there were a few hundred individual stars that shone in a myriad of different colours. A number were very bright but the majority exhibited delicate pastel shades. As I viewed this Wonder more Stars appeared as if they were being switched on!

    I remained stationery during the whole Experience which was seen in 3-D against a jet black sky.” Comment

The rules of Time and Space as you would know them do not apply when you are dealing with the type of Energy that the Mantras give.

That’s why We say that you should expect anything! The rules of physics don’t apply here. Please share any Experiences you have.

  • “After saying the Mantra I found myself in a completely still space and transfixed to my cushion. I became aware that I had immense power that I could tap into at will.

    I was shown images of sick people and places and instantly became a conduit for healing Energy. This Experience continued for at least an hour and felt absolutely wonderful.”


Fourth Mantra

To be said for 10 minutes a day.


Click below to hear pronunciation.


As before this should be said internally, clearly and precisely. This is the final Mantra for now.

Testimonials from people who have used the Fourth Mantra:

  • During my meditation on the fourth mantra I first became aware of an energy shift within my physical body then an indescribable translucent blue within space. It was a colour not seen in this world after some minutes the blue dissolved and a translucent green appeared. What was also noticeable was a feeling of joy , peace and oneness! Colours were best described as pastel colours. There was no sense of a self just pure awareness witnessing everything.


The Mantra Protocol

  • Use the First Mantra TEEM SEE LAA for a week – 10 minutes a day.
  • Use the Second Mantra FAA ZEE RUU for a week – 10 minutes each day.
  • Go back to the First Mantra for a week.
  • Then use the Third Mantra KEEL ZUU LOMM.
  • Back to the First Mantra.
  • Then the Fourth Mantra DEK RAM SOO.

This means the whole program will last around 6 weeks.