Testimonial (A)

Hello. On the first day, I saw intense darkness, feeling as if I had been swallowed into its depths. The darkness initially seemed to move, resembling a walking entity—it’s amazing, a black color so blissful. Then it stopped, and a radiant light, bright like the sun but with a sand-like droplet, suddenly appeared. I found myself in an expansive field, walking at a high speed. I passed an area resembling an irrigated banana plantation and proceeded to a region resembling stone hills in a valley. There, a path-like structure caught my attention, and I paused, as if being told to look there…

On the second day, as I began my mantras, they all suddenly ceased, and I just knew you were there. Take me to Agatha, I thought, let me learn the secret! Suddenly, it felt like I was taken out of my body and transported to a mountainous area where I saw people of dark complexion. I passed through fast darkness and witnessed a whirlwind spinning rapidly. Then, indescribable shapes resembling a pentagon emerged, each point holding a device that rotated rapidly, appearing orange and purple. A circular light emerged as the batteries spun, and a tank-like cover opened, leading us through a dense, jelly-like void.

I saw a non-humanoid being, an etheric body in off-white, from above, showing a chest and arms. As it realized our arrival, it seemed prepared to demonstrate something. It spoke, and I responded, not with human-like vocalization but with an intentional sound. Before us appeared a table, and another off-white non-humanoid being lay on it without a covering. A device, resembling scientific apparatus with metal pipes and tubes, held by one hand, was placed on the being – a self-sensor. After a while, I was shown ethereal energies of diseases in colors. The machine melted and absorbed these energies, then expelled colorful remnants. Once done, the healed being woke up and left.