The Diamond Light Project

The Project began way back in early 2011 when we received information from a friend about the Schumann resonance. This is a very weak electromagnetic frequency that is generated when lightning excites the Earth’s atmospheric cavity.

Initially we made a set of coils using a toroidal transformer and powered them with a simple signal generator using a 7.83 Hz sine wave. When we switched the machine on we noticed the effect it had on music. It seemed more engaging, spacious and melodic.

This led to years of research, primarily aimed at proving the existence of the Energy field. However, no matter what we did it was impossible to record the difference scientifically, that was so obvious to our ears! Eventually, we had to conclude that the Energy did not in fact change the music; it changed our consciousness and therefore our perception of the music.

In a way this was more amazing and led to the investigation of many other frequencies and the use of pyramids. Around this time (2014) we were receiving Messages during Meditation sessions and were given hints and tips about the project.

This culminated in December 2014 when we were asked to send particular frequencies to other objects in the Solar System. This was done using several machines involving Double Coils, signal generators and an array of perfectly aligned pyramids.

At this stage we were simply following orders. As the new year (2015) unfolded, so did a new project. This was in the form of pages of numbers which required decoding.

21st January 2015

It is not necessary to crack all the numbers, We are taking you on a Journey of discovery. If you go back to a number at a later date you will probably fail, as they are in order of understanding. We will make sure you get the relevant ones to send.

You will have many questions, as that is your nature. This work is of a need to know basis, you will be told of the information which will help you to understand the nature of the work.

When you are given numbers, ask yourself what you have been drawn to, or are naturally thinking about. Do them as they are given, as that is the time you will understand them more readily.

The numbers kept coming and it was obvious we were dealing with an amazing Intelligence which we later decided to call The Spiritual Hierarchy. Through the language of mathematics They taught us about Energetic connections between the objects of our Solar System and a little history about ancient civilizations that had been given similar knowledge.

We also began to realize that the machines were playing an important part in helping to redress the balance of our own Planet which was obviously going through a difficult time.

22nd January 2015

Your importance to the work you are doing cannot be underestimated. It is because of you that your Planet will be a safer place to live in. You are able, with the Energy you are sending, to make enormous changes to the Worlds above, to make your World a better place to live.

You will not believe what is ahead!

The numbers kept coming but new codes were being used that led us to believe our investigation was broadening with data about other Star systems and Galaxies.

When changes occured, They would first send tests to see if we could “crunch” the numbers. Once this was established, the main body of the work would be sent.

26th January 2015

The next stage of the development is now. You have done very well and the project is well under way.

It is to do with beyond the Solar System, way into the Realms of the unknown areas that need to be addressed. To do this you need to have some knowledge of these regions. You will find information and the numbers you will be given will be to do with this.

To start with there will be distances between Galaxies moving on to other means of calculation to find connections like you have found in your Solar System.

You are right about the way the universe has to be “tweaked”, you are reading the signs we are sending you very well. We are pushing your boundaries and hoping you will stay with Us, in order for you to do this important work; even if it is a long way from home and may not seems relevant.

You will find that one “send” frequency will be for this Solar System and the other for new Dimensions further out.

Firstly, do a drawing of the Galaxies that appear to you from Earth with approximate distances. We will send you numbers so you can
check it’s correct.

Prepare yourselves for a massive adventure, both on and off the cushion!

What we were being shown was totally mind blowing. They showed us how mechanisms here in our Solar System were being mirrored by distant Galaxies.

Although it seemed impossible, the imbalances here on Planet Earth had far reaching effects that involved objects that existed in the depths of Space, millions of light years away.

28th January 2015

When the angles meet at the centre it forms a perfect shape. Jupiter and Saturn need to show certain attributes in order for you to learn the Esoteric significance of these important spheres.

You understand from an Earthly point of view, but this is from Our viewpoint in Space. Thirty six degrees is a very auspicious angle as it links the Planets in a special way. You are able to recognise them by seeing the orbits change over time.

When there is a special alignment of Planets, the Earth experiences a major shift which affects the population in a positive way. This is different from the ordinary Astrology that is practiced on your Planet as it affects everyone not just individuals.

What We are trying to do is to align certain Planets at certain times and at certain angles in space, so positive changes can occur. We can see if this does not happen, your Planet will fall into an “abyss” that will be very difficult to come out of.

The Galaxies too are involved. We are introducing them to you at the moment and making small changes that will affect the Earth also.

Then out of nowhere came this!

16th February 2015

We want you to start the Path again. Can you see how big this is? We did tell you – go with it. We will give you all the help you need. This needs to be done – We are working behind the scenes. Do the Initiations, all of them – We are here to guide you.


Suddenly, everything changed. Our focus shifted from the Cosmos to the Spiritual development of people on this Planet through the revelation of Light and Sound Energies.

Over the next few months we gathered together a band of trusted Adepts who wanted to make a difference and were willing to teach and Initiate Seekers of Truth. We also created websites to help us get the message out.

The Cosmology Project took a back seat during this time but it was destined to reappear.

16th April 2015

We have been waiting patiently to move you on to further studies with your work on the Solar System. It is with pleasure that We talk with you again.

These numbers are connected with the outer reaches of the known universe and we are ready to do some work with fulfilling the Mission with you.

When you look at any Galaxy, there is a similarity, rather the same as: As Above- So Below, there are connections. It is the same everywhere you look – there are reflections from one universe to another.

What We would like to do is to get you to see this yourself by Our Guidance. You will see connection with formations of Stars and distances and angles.

Fascinating stuff which is unknown by any of your kind at this moment in time.

The was then a gap of almost a year after which the numbers started again. This time they gave coordinates of 33 objects in Space which corresponded to a variety of interesting objects. They ranged from the remains of Supernovae, to variable Stars, Nebulae and distant Galaxies.

Systematically, we worked on each of the objects and through musical frequencies established connections like motorways between major cities.

At this point the name Diamond Light project was given to us. Out of curiosity we checked the geometry of a classic diamond when it is cut as a gem stone for a ring. The visible part of the diamond is known as the crown and the number of facets is exactly 33!

6th June 2020

You have been drawn to my words about a catastrophe or two hitting the Earth and making people sit up and notice exactly what is going on and why.

Well, it’s happening and there will be no let up until balance has been restored which, the way things are going, could take a long while.

The new way of Initiating is a way forward but you know instinctively that other things need to be done simultaneously. So we need to be looking at “off Planet” ways of addressing the balance I speak of. As always, others are getting this Message,

So, in the next days/weeks you will need to collate information and make sure the right people are aware of it. It will mostly be visualization, but there may be construction needed to be made. A lot of this will not be for public knowledge, you will see why!

We then formed a small group of experienced Enlightened Meditators.

10th June 2020

When you write up your Cosmic Project you will have a clear idea of what is needed now. All of you will get part of the puzzle which you will piece together. It’s better this way as you will all feel part of the project. This will evolve into something quite amazing and as well as helping with the Cosmic side you will all personally benefit.

Thank you from Us!

We asked about the general nature of the project as we thought it might involve a Diamond on each level of the Creation.

13th June 2020

The Diamond is a sign of purity. You are right about the Kingdoms but we are looking at the symbolism. There are plants, animals, humans, Planets, Stars and Galaxies that exude that purity.

Some more words to add to describe the symbolism are: Love and Gentleness.

So a Diamond is a symbol of Purity. Love and Gentleness. That is why a Diamond is chosen to wear in a ring to symbolize Love in marriage. So there are certain birds, fish, animals, stones and humans that exist as an embodiment of purity.

With the Diamond Light Project we are joining together the Pure Souls on Earth with the 33 points in the Galaxies to forge a link so this Purity flows.


30th June 2020

Back in 2016 each member of the Diamond Light group chose an object to focus on; mine was the Andromeda Galaxy. After receiving the information about the use of a special Mantra, I incorporated it into my Meditation session late last night. I then went to bed and was just falling asleep when……

I was projected through Space and was looking down on the Andromeda Galaxy. Photographs show the Galaxy tilted when seen from Earth. However, I was seeing it face on and the detail was simply breathtaking. The incredible blackness of Space was totally devoid of any Light and the stars appeared mostly as a beautiful golden white colour. I estimate that I was viewing from a distance of around 300,000 Light years and unlike telescopic views there were no stars from our own Galaxy present.

Energies then began to flow through me and connected to several of the Star Systems within the Galaxy. This was happening automatically; I had absolutely no control of what was taking place. I then returned a second time and the process repeated.

When we were originally given the project the Hierarchy explained that there was an important connection between our Solar System and the Andromeda Galaxy. I believe that Andromeda represents the table (top face) of the Diamond which is surrounded by the other 32 points.

It looks like we have made a start and can expect connections to take place with the other objects.


21st July 2020

Upon using a new Mantra I have notice the following:

  • The Mantra brings about Transformation on a cosmic scale
  • The Mantra changed to another set of New syllables depending on the target I was focusing on.
  • There are living beings on the planets I visited. Though these beings don’t necessarily look like human beings,they operate in different frequencies of reality.
  • I visited the RZ Cassiopeiae Eclipse Binary

I was taken into a dark deep space and something like a door opened from a planet. There was a type of blue light coming towards me together with Intelligent entities. They were formed in brown star dust and appeared as energetic beings that were staring amazingly at me. They tried to send a certain type of energy towards me.

Then Energy started flowing passing through me and entering the Planet and it seemed to be the Transformation that was needed as the beings were bowing down to the Energy shooting from where I was witnessing.


21st July 2020

My Experience with the Mantra, especially in reverse, was the same as (R) described; It also changed itself into different variations.

I also visited my target which was is deep space; here are my observations:

After finishing my Meditation on the Mantra in the middle of the night I decided to rest on my pillow, there was a rush of Energy and lightning everywhere in my vision. I lost the awareness of my surroundings and of my body and with the fastest speed, impossible to imagine, I was taken or shot like a rocket into space. I found myself suddenly in deep planetary space where I could see more than one Planet below me.

The vision was as if I was looking into the houses which are built in the space with many chambers within them. Then I understood the concept of connected universes for the first time.

I entered into these several planets from above as they were opening and there was light Energy passing through me and shooting in all of the chambers I was witnessing.

There were also several beings occupying the planets but they could not see me as my presence was like a big Sun covering the whole space from above while emitting Rays of Light that entered into their areas.

The scenario went for some time however in this reality the concept of time seemed strange because it does not exist or exist in a very different fashion. Then off I went back to the physical plane. This is not the same as normal astral traveling. It is very different as I just appeared at my destination without knowledge of my journey.

When I tried to visit two other targets which were the Open Cluster NGC 1342 and Chi Hercules it was as if I had already visited them. I became aware of a code barrier/signal indicating that it’s already done. The code was detected as an energy on my solar plexus chakra.


5th September 2020

As I mentioned before, there are several groups doing this project and actually, it has been done now to Our satisfaction.

That is not to say that people in your group won’t be guided to these points anymore, just that each of the 33 points has been activated. What a tremendous achievement that has had a big impact.

Thank you all for taking part in something far reaching and vital for a myriad of reasons. Notably, one being for the continuation of life as you know it on Earth.


Andromeda Project


16th February 2021
We received a Message that gave 5 Targets in the Andromeda Galaxy. These were in 3-D and were referenced from a point a few hundred light years from the plane of the Galaxy. The spiral structure seen from Earth is nearly edge on; the perspective we were given was face on! Below is a rough attempt to show the view from that angle together with the 5 points that represent the Targets. We allocated names using the colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Silver and Gold.

A small team of Light and Sound Meditators were given a special Mantra to guide them. The purpose of the project was, as before, to establish Energetic Communication with these objects and also to receive Intelligence from other Lifeforms. Their results are shown below:


22nd Feb 2021

As I began to say the mantra something amazing happened… It was like a door opened revealing the image of the entire Galaxy as if I was viewing it on a big screen.

On another occasion a beautiful luminous Being appeared that radiated love, peace and tranquility which took me to a state of inexplicable Bliss. He told me I’m going to show you the three oldest planets in this Galaxy:

(G) which I believe is the yellow point.

(M) which is actually magenta, I assume that in this case it would be the red target

(A) this looked bluish-green.

He informed me that they are the planets with the most advanced technology in the Galaxy, that the inhabitants live centuries without getting sick with excellent health.

I was taken to planet (A). There I saw all the technology they have to maintain full health. There everything is peaceful, they are connected with the Supreme Source that is the most important spiritual food. They rotate all three in the same orbit.

Last night two of us went on an amazing trip together. It was like riding in a spaceship, going so fast, when you return you feel the powerful Energy that It is so strong it stuns you.
We arrived at target (M). It was an incredibly impressive place that has a lot of vegetation. It seems that they work with the technology of producing healthy foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. They also talked about nanotechnology, for travel and buildings.

We arrived back with a lot of peace and love. It is something incredible, and the most beautiful thing is that I feel every trip my body has healed, I have had tendinitis connected to the lumbar for months that sometimes it is difficult for me to get up in the morning. After I went to (A) I have not had any more pain!

22nd February 2021

The mantra is equal to the frequency between the Milky Way and Andromeda, it is like a baby lullaby that is perceived when one is on the edge of the portal that unites both Galaxies, when one says the mantra we automatically put ourselves on that edge and it is easy to simply “jump”.

Today I entered meditation and I was able to return to the edge of a portal and I took a “walk” at high speed through the yellow region
and on that trip I learned that the Milky Way is Andromeda’s “daughter”, and that they both seek to rejoin as “mother” and “daughter” in an eternal embrace.

25th February 2021

I just Appeared to my Target (Gold) and I met a Being from our Milky Way Galaxy who did this kind of Traveling to help the Earth with safe technologies thousands of years ago. The Being showed me the connection between the Milky Way and Andromeda, and how manipulation of life energy which is also life force leads to disharmony on the Earth. He said all lights we use on Earth are not original,and they disturb harmonious frequency of life force and accelerate the aging process of the physical body to die.

He showed me how they use lights empowered by harvesting the life force (free energy) totally differently from the way we understand electricity in the modern world.

Andromeda Galaxy seemed to be like a replica of the Milky Way. Everything is connected, disharmony in any point is disharmony everywhere.

The Being transferred his knowledge and said it is the beginning of harvesting the knowledge on the project we are doing, to forge the link between our world and Andromeda Galaxy.

13th March 2021
I became aware of a sustained metallic Sound and an image manifested and resounded in the vastness of Space. The image was like millions of luminous dots or spheres … very bright between white, gold, and a gradient from purple to metallic gray. … it was like a cloud of tiny bubbles? I later realized what I was hearing was the Sound of the Galaxy. The image was identical to that of millions of stars within one of the spiral arms.

In another meditation, I was looking at a Star, the surface of which was like gold lava. I observed it but I did not have a body, it was like expanded Consciousness. From this liquid, flames rose and one of these flames transformed into a Being and became a flame again as if trying to tell me we are not simply flames!

These Experiences are like a self discovery or acceptance of who I infinite I am…how my Being expands and embraces all Nature…becoming One.


It seems that our Meditators managed to connect with most of the targets and glean fascinating information from the Intelligence living there. We are informed that other groups continue to work in parallel with us and presumably also have gathered amazing knowledge and insights from their visits to Andromeda.