To know something is Real you have to

Discover it for yourself!



We are group of Spiritual Teachers who specialize in Light and Sound Meditation. Our current Mission is to reach out to all Meditators around the World, to assist us in exploring Space and contacting Extraterrestrial lifeforms. Members of our group have already Experienced Travelling to distant Cosmological objects and Communicating with advanced Beings.

However that is their Knowledge!

What is important is that large numbers of people also discover the Wonders of the physical universe and our place in it. Our species has been evolving for millions of years and has made amazing advances, particularly in the fields of technology, biochemistry, particle physics and astronomy. More recently there have been vast numbers of people ‘Waking Up’ and having Spiritual Experiences. However, we seem to be missing an important piece of the puzzle, real knowledge of our Planet in relation to the universe at large!

True, we have gleaned wonderful visual information through our astronomical endeavors, but conventional space travel is limited by the vast distances and the speed of light. At the time of writing, the furthest a rocket carrying a human being has travelled away from the Earth, is to the far side of the Moon! Surely we need a completely new way to visit other Worlds.

The results of statistical surveys repeatedly show that the majority of the Earth’s population believe in the existence of Alien lifeforms. However, what percentage can say that they have irrefutable proof?



We have created a simple set of instructions for those of you who are curious and want to‘Take the Trip’ – as you can see it is open to everyone. It doesn’t require specialised knowledge or any great ability. It costs absolutely nothing, except a little of your time – a small price to pay to reap such wonderful rewards. All we ask is that if you are successful, you share your discoveries with your friends, family and hopefully us.


These contain a multitude of subjects – they range from hard scientific facts to pure speculation. However, all information will be referenced and any extrapolations will be made absolutely clear. As in a court of law it is:
the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, that we are pursuing. We may have our heads in the ‘clouds’ but we need to keep our feet firmly planted on the ground!



This page will contain articles that will attempt to draw conclusions from the information that we receive. Nothing will be set in stone but simply reflect the best model at the time of writing. We know that fresh Knowledge may result in these models being modified. The important thing is we retain open minds and complete flexibility in our thinking.



This category will contain exclusively Messages that we receive from the Spiritual Realms. We launched this particular Light and Sound Meditation group in 2015 as a result of Communications from an Intelligence that we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. The name itself has been ‘borrowed’ from the writings of Helena Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical Society in 1875. We understand that there are a multitude of Spiritual Beings that guide human evolution. Again, we dont ask you to believe this, but to discover it for yourself!

All Messages from Extraterrestrial Beings will be shown in a Magenta colour.


We aim to publish a representative sample of the emails we receive. Initially they will be sourced from our own Meditators, but as time goes on we hope the majority will come from our new band of explorers! It is only by collating this information that we can really begin to see the Big Picture!



This page is to provide a means of sharing your Experiences and Insights. We would love to be able to publish some of your emails on the Experiences page. Please understand that only your initials would appear. We feel it is important that as many people as possible speak out about their discoveries. We need the Truth to be revealed, so our Planet and its occupants can really start to evolve!

We would like to thank Amanda Sage for her kind permission to use the beautiful image of Limbic Resonance depicting the Transference of Spiritual Energy between two Beings.