Monthly Archives: March 2023

Altered Perceptions

  When living in the everyday World we rely on our five senses to interpret our surroundings. This is our reality! However, if we dream, meditate or experience an altered State of Consciousness then we are clearly not using the aforementioned stimulation pathways. People talk about Light that is more vivid than physical light and sublime melodic Sounds that eclipse… Read more →

11th March 2023 (N.H.)

  Experience After using the Third Mantra I let go and went into a wonderful State of tranquil Stillness. Time passed and then suddenly I found myself in the most beautiful Star cluster. I would guess there were a few hundred individual stars that shone in a myriad of different colours. A number were very bright but the majority exhibited… Read more →

5th March 2023

  What would we expect to become aware of when making contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences? I’d like to take you through what might happen when the next Mantra is given. It won’t be for a few days as We would like you to make the best use of the preparation Mantras already given. Some of you have had some very… Read more →

3rd March 2023

  May we ask you your views of Planet Earth and its inhabitants? Really, it’s the diversity that we look upon as something quite incredible. I wish that you people from Earth could see what we can, so you would appreciate its beauty and majesty – all the types of life existing simultaneously. You cage your animals and birds instead… Read more →

1st March 2023 (M.S.)

  I have continued with the meditation on the second mantra and the experiences have been so fine that I could not understand. After 10 minutes of mantra I start the meditation, sound in a glass void, rectangular veil in front and I enter. Indescribable blue-gray color with flames and contact with a Being that tells me it will be… Read more →