Monthly Archives: November 2016

24th November 2016

  As has been mentioned – raising the Consciousness of people is vital. Little by little you will see a change in the way people are drawn towards helping each other and becoming more attracted to things Spiritual. It may seem like an upward struggle at first, but when a certain number of people are connected with the Light and… Read more →

22nd November 2016

  We now need to talk about raising Consciousness. What does it mean? Well, a normal person living in the World today has access to many stimuli. He can see around him the wonders of the World and hear a myriad of sounds. But what would happen if all of a sudden he had access to a further pair of… Read more →

22nd November 2016

  Everything has a frequency – even the Earth itself. It is like its blueprint or signature. Each person, animal or inanimate object vibrates at its own unique frequency. Nothing vibrates at exactly the same frequency. It’s a bit like snowflakes, each one has its own form, no two flakes are the same. If we were to take a Human… Read more →

21st November 2016

  The World is a very dark place for many people and needs a big shake up. Many old texts of former religions and doctrines talk about this and mention that there will be a Force coming from On High to affect the much needed changes. To bring Love to the Planet is the only way to do this –… Read more →

3rd November 2016

  Every thoughtform can be imagined, from an armchair to an Angel. It is a conscious act which is immediate though not everyone can do this. Hallucination and Meditative visions are more complex. They are both demonstrate an altered State of Consciousness. Since man first discovered drugs to hallucinate they have been used throughout the ages in religious ceremonies, by… Read more →