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The aim of Meditation is to sustain concentration on one point of focus. Meditation is a very simple practice that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone that has a little time, plenty of patience and above all a curious disposition. Below are a few guidelines to help the beginner. Nothing is set in stone so feel free to experiment and… Read more →

14th February 2023

  The next Mantra that will be given – it will show much more of the Connections between the inhabitants of Earth and other Galaxies. You will all understand more of what you call levels of Consciousness and how other Lifeforms in other parts of the Cosmos are intrinsically linked to humans on Earth. Read more →

12th February 2023

  The Mantra TEEM SEE LAA is part of a series of Sounds to be said by all those wishing to participate in this Mission. It is to align the Meditator and make adjustments where necessary. So some of you may be feeling manipulations on your head and/or body. You may feel more focussed and be taken to points in… Read more →

4th February 2023

  Hello (M) this is Thomas. I’m here to take you all on a ‘Journey into Space’ in order to help you understand more about the Connections and how they affect Earth and its inhabitants, flora, fauna etc. – and vice versa. My job description can best be described as a Galactic Teacher. It is only by looking at the… Read more →

3rd February 2023

  It is my last Message to you for a while as We are moving on to the Esoteric Teachings as mentioned before. We need to explain more about life on other Planets in other ‘Worlds’, so you have a fuller picture of what is really going on, rather than half-truths. There is a lot to learn on a subject… Read more →