Monthly Archives: June 2023

19th June 2023 (Ms A)

  I have been hearing voices, my ears become heavy as if they are blocked, then a voice speaks outside of me like up above and around. Some days in the last 2 weeks, when I was inside watching TV, a grayish creature came (or he seemed to be wearing grayish clothes) his face was like black glass. He looked… Read more →

14th June 2023 (I.K.)

  I started a meditation of Extraterrestrial Life Form Project using the given protocol on 03 May 2023. I completed the 6 weeks on 13 June 2023. EXPERIENCES *First Week.* First Week of the first mantra I Experienced a huge sound like a bass whistle in my left ear for 2 minutes, then a lot of pressure on my head… Read more →

13th June 2023 – a Teacher.

  (J) 8 years old. A boy of eight years old spontaneously starts talking to me about his dreams. It’s good to know that he Meditates every evening. He is familiar with meditation on Light and Sound. In his dream, he travels to various Planets. He feels very much at home there. He also says that he finds traveling incredibly… Read more →

7th June 2023 (Mr S)

  I started my fifth week following the ET mantras protocol as instructed by My Meditation Teacher (I.K.) again I will put the points of Realisations as follows: I saw a Being resembled like a human being but when I looked at him/her closely I saw he had a black teeth and when I moved more closely he changed form… Read more →

4th June 2023 (Mr S)

  As I promised after my second week Testimonial here is what I continued to experience on following the protocol on ET mantras. I will highlight the points of Realisations: I saw very strange Beings, with huge bodies and their activities resembled human Beings, but they don’t wear clothes as we do, but their genital parts can’t be seen. Their… Read more →