Altered Perceptions

  When living in the everyday World we rely on our five senses to interpret our surroundings. This is our reality! However, if we dream, meditate or experience an altered State of Consciousness then we are clearly not using the aforementioned stimulation pathways. People talk about Light that is more vivid than physical light and sublime melodic Sounds that eclipse… Read more →


The aim of Meditation is to sustain concentration on one point of focus. Meditation is a very simple practice that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone that has a little time, plenty of patience and above all a curious disposition. Below are a few guidelines to help the beginner. Nothing is set in stone so feel free to experiment and… Read more →

Universal Intelligence

  Introduction Initiates of Light and Sound have glimpses of the Spiritual Realms on their Journey to Enlightenment. They report that the Energies they Meditate on are ‘alive’ and seem to demonstrate purpose. This leads us to the conclusion that the whole Universe can be considered as a manifestation of Intelligence. It is however, so easy to miss this when… Read more →