Monthly Archives: January 2023

30th January 2023

  It is very easy to deny the existence of other Lifeforms, as it is to deny the existence of a Creative Force. “If I can’t see it, feel it, touch it, it doesn’t exist!” But just imagine for a minute how good it would be to accept both these concepts as a possibility and to gain knowledge of your… Read more →

29th January 2023

  There are many types of Beings that visit Earth in many types of ‘ships’. They have a way of viewing their chosen destination so they don’t always need to come too close. But many of them do land to do their work, mostly in remote areas out of sight of humans who can view them with distrust and fear.… Read more →

8th January 2023

  The ancient Teachings that were mentioned earlier will always have a place and people will gain much inner Wisdom about the quest of man to find his Creator. Since these Teachings were laid down the World has changed dramatically. More has been discovered about the Cosmos and all of a sudden there is more acceptance that there could be… Read more →

The Diamond Light Project

  The Project began way back in early 2011 when we received information from a friend about the Schumann resonance. This is a very weak electromagnetic frequency that is generated when lightning excites the Earth’s atmospheric cavity. Initially we made a set of coils using a toroidal transformer and powered them with a simple signal generator using a 7.83 Hz… Read more →

Universal Intelligence

  Introduction Initiates of Light and Sound have glimpses of the Spiritual Realms on their Journey to Enlightenment. They report that the Energies they Meditate on are ‘alive’ and seem to demonstrate purpose. This leads us to the conclusion that the whole Universe can be considered as a manifestation of Intelligence. It is however, so easy to miss this when… Read more →

The Double Coil Technology

  The double coil technology like so many human discoveries seemed to happen by accident. We were experimenting with a vibration known as the Schumann frequency. It is an very weak electromagnetic signal of around 7.83 Hz and is caused by lightning strikes exciting the atmospheric cavity of the Earth. It has also been detected on other Planets such as… Read more →