Monthly Archives: May 2023

20th May 2023 (Mr K.)

  Hello I’m a Light and Sound Initiate and here’s my experiences when I started using the first mantra TEEM SEE LAA. First I felt a lot of pressure on top of my head and also on my forehead around my third eye, with a lot of vibrations. Then I decided to sleep, and from there, when I was in… Read more →

20th May 2023 (Mr M.)

  I continued to do both the first and second ET mantras. Today I had a lucid dream. It’s just like a movie. I can’t figure out what happened! I was on a mission in a star system. I could see clearly it was a war between negative beings and positive beings. The war started on a Planet that was… Read more →

20th May 2023 (Mr S.)

  This is my first week using the ET mantras protocol, starting with the first mantra TEEM SEE LAA. I usually feel a lot of pressure on my head, and then after this immense pressure. Automatically I perceived a lot of Alien life forms (Extraterrestrials) in which they reside in a strange World that I can not describe in detail,… Read more →