These are Messages received in Meditation from Spiritual Beings.

Testimonial (A)

  Hello. On the first day, I saw intense darkness, feeling as if I had been swallowed into its depths. The darkness initially seemed to move, resembling a walking entity—it’s amazing, a black color so blissful. Then it stopped, and a radiant light, bright like the sun but with a sand-like droplet, suddenly appeared. I found myself in an expansive… Read more →

5th March 2023

  What would we expect to become aware of when making contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligences? I’d like to take you through what might happen when the next Mantra is given. It won’t be for a few days as We would like you to make the best use of the preparation Mantras already given. Some of you have had some very… Read more →

3rd March 2023

  May we ask you your views of Planet Earth and its inhabitants? Really, it’s the diversity that we look upon as something quite incredible. I wish that you people from Earth could see what we can, so you would appreciate its beauty and majesty – all the types of life existing simultaneously. You cage your animals and birds instead… Read more →

14th February 2023

  The next Mantra that will be given – it will show much more of the Connections between the inhabitants of Earth and other Galaxies. You will all understand more of what you call levels of Consciousness and how other Lifeforms in other parts of the Cosmos are intrinsically linked to humans on Earth. Read more →

12th February 2023

  The Mantra TEEM SEE LAA is part of a series of Sounds to be said by all those wishing to participate in this Mission. It is to align the Meditator and make adjustments where necessary. So some of you may be feeling manipulations on your head and/or body. You may feel more focussed and be taken to points in… Read more →

4th February 2023

  Hello (M) this is Thomas. I’m here to take you all on a ‘Journey into Space’ in order to help you understand more about the Connections and how they affect Earth and its inhabitants, flora, fauna etc. – and vice versa. My job description can best be described as a Galactic Teacher. It is only by looking at the… Read more →

3rd February 2023

  It is my last Message to you for a while as We are moving on to the Esoteric Teachings as mentioned before. We need to explain more about life on other Planets in other ‘Worlds’, so you have a fuller picture of what is really going on, rather than half-truths. There is a lot to learn on a subject… Read more →

30th January 2023

  It is very easy to deny the existence of other Lifeforms, as it is to deny the existence of a Creative Force. “If I can’t see it, feel it, touch it, it doesn’t exist!” But just imagine for a minute how good it would be to accept both these concepts as a possibility and to gain knowledge of your… Read more →

29th January 2023

  There are many types of Beings that visit Earth in many types of ‘ships’. They have a way of viewing their chosen destination so they don’t always need to come too close. But many of them do land to do their work, mostly in remote areas out of sight of humans who can view them with distrust and fear.… Read more →

8th January 2023

  The ancient Teachings that were mentioned earlier will always have a place and people will gain much inner Wisdom about the quest of man to find his Creator. Since these Teachings were laid down the World has changed dramatically. More has been discovered about the Cosmos and all of a sudden there is more acceptance that there could be… Read more →