Monthly Archives: July 2020

July 2020 (G.V.)

  We start meditating with the mantra OMM TAKK SOMM OMM to connect with our emotions and clear them all to neutrality. Then we sang the mantra RAA DAA KEE SEE, that mantra was received by (S), and helped us 4 to connect with each other and get ready to do the job. Then we sang the mantra DEE SEE… Read more →

July 2020 (E.W.)

  We used the mantra DEE SEE RAA MEE, which connect us to different planets, different galaxies and dimensions. Is extremely powerful. We connect with this mantra and we all went to the pyramid of Giza. We found there a Merkaba (a vehicle of light). We all received a crystal, which was like a key. That merkaba was like a… Read more →

July 2020 (M.C.)

  Many times one can dream of living an experience that will change your life forever, and suddenly you realize that this experience is already happening just in front of you. I met the GEMS little by little, just like the precious stones, I discovered them in the same way I was discovering myself. All of them are great women… Read more →

July 2020 (S.G.)

  We entered the pyramid of Giza and each one took its position. I received a crystal in my hands and began to sing the DEE SEE RAA MEE mantra, as I sang, I felt the frequency going up and the energy flowed strongly throughout my body, suddenly I left the pyramid, and in a fraction of seconds, I started… Read more →

21st July 2020 (I.K.)

  My Experience with the Mantra, especially in reverse, was the same as (R) described; It also changed itself into different variations. I also visited my target which was is deep space; here are my observations: After finishing my Meditation on the Mantra in the middle of the night I decided to rest on my pillow, there was a rush… Read more →

21st July 2020 (R.K.)

  Upon using a new Mantra I have notice the following: The Mantra brings about Transformation on a cosmic scale The Mantra changed to another set of New syllables depending on the target I was focusing on. There are living beings on the planets I visited. Though these beings don’t necessarily look like human beings,they operate in different frequencies of… Read more →