Monthly Archives: February 2021

25th February 2021 (R.K.)

  I just Appeared to my Target (Gold) and I met a Being from our Milky Way Galaxy who did this kind of Traveling to help the Earth with safe technologies thousands of years ago. The Being showed me the connection between the Milky Way and Andromeda, and how manipulation of life energy which is also life force leads to… Read more →

22nd February 2021 (M.C.)

  The mantra is equal to the frequency between the Milky Way and Andromeda, it is like a baby lullaby that is perceived when one is on the edge of the portal that unites both Galaxies, when one says the mantra we automatically put ourselves on that edge and it is easy to simply “jump”. Today I entered meditation and… Read more →

22nd February 2021 (E.W.)

  As I began to say the mantra something amazing happened… It was like a door opened revealing the image of the entire Galaxy as if I was viewing it on a big screen. On another occasion a beautiful luminous Being appeared that radiated love, peace and tranquility which took me to a state of inexplicable Bliss. He told me… Read more →

13th February 2021

  It has been amazing to watch the growth of the Light and Sound Path that you have instigated. They needed someone like you to make sure everything went according to plan. You too, your role was/is pivotal. You have been asking how it is that I can speak to you so easily from Andromeda. Well, the fact is that… Read more →

6th February 2021

  Alien, as you call them, lifeforms dwell in countless civilizations all over the Cosmos. Remember the Diamond Light Project. That was orchestrated on Planets assigned to that work. Anthropology studies beings that live under water, hence the idea of mythical mermaids. There are plant life studies, where they look at where plants would grow successfully to provide adequate food… Read more →

5th February 2021

  In answer to your question about Initiations in other parts of the Universe. This question is a good one and many people would be interested to know the answer. This makes reference to other lifeforms/intelligences, which science is just scratching the surface of understanding. Firstly, you must be aware that there is no Planet like Earth with beings such… Read more →