10th October 2022


In answer to your question, it is all to do with what is needed at the time. Beings in the Higher Dimensions are always looking for suitable candidates to impart their Knowledge.

Sometimes it is necessary to bring down information regarding new technologies. People are looking seriously about finding a meaning to their lives that religion doesn’t offer.

It takes hard work and dedication to Channel, you have to let go of your own beliefs and ideas and really listen to what is being said. The teachings and doctrines were all necessary at certain times to bring insights to people and to help them understand their place in the Cosmos.

Because of the critical time in the Evolution of the Earth it has been necessary to find many people to Channel our Words of encouragement, help and guidance. Your work (M) has been invaluable to that end. You and (N) have been instrumental, together with other Meditation Groups, to bring people from all over the World to a deeper Understanding of Spiritual Matters, helping them to have Love, Peace and Stillness in their lives.