21st November 2016


The World is a very dark place for many people and needs a big shake up. Many old texts of former religions and doctrines talk about this and mention that there will be a Force coming from On High to affect the much needed changes.

To bring Love to the Planet is the only way to do this – the love on Earth at the moment is not powerful enough to take away the materialism, power mongering and sickness that prevails.

What is needed is Unconditional Love, the most powerful form of Love which can cut through any discord and bring harmony that will raise the World to another Level.
The Unconditional Love I speak of is brought down from the Spiritual Realms and many people are Experiencing this immense Power and witnessing first hand the effects, through Enlightenment.

There will be a massive increase in the number of people becoming Enlightened all over the World and therefore they will be able to share this Love which is all Encompassing and Universal.