22nd February 2021 (E.W.)

As I began to say the mantra something amazing happened… It was like a door opened revealing the image of the entire Galaxy as if I was viewing it on a big screen.

On another occasion a beautiful luminous Being appeared that radiated love, peace and tranquility which took me to a state of inexplicable Bliss. He told me I’m going to show you the three oldest planets in this Galaxy:

(G) which I believe is the yellow point.

(M) which is actually magenta, I assume that in this case it would be the red target

(A) this looked bluish-green.

He informed me that they are the planets with the most advanced technology in the Galaxy, that the inhabitants live centuries without getting sick with excellent health.

I was taken to planet (A). There I saw all the technology they have to maintain full health. There everything is peaceful, they are connected with the Supreme Source that is the most important spiritual food. They rotate all three in the same orbit.

Last night two of us went on an amazing trip together. It was like riding in a spaceship, going so fast, when you return you feel the powerful Energy that It is so strong it stuns you.
We arrived at target (M). It was an incredibly impressive place that has a lot of vegetation. It seems that they work with the technology of producing healthy foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. They also talked about nanotechnology, for travel and buildings.

We arrived back with a lot of peace and love. It is something incredible, and the most beautiful thing is that I feel every trip my body has healed, I have had tendinitis connected to the lumbar for months that sometimes it is difficult for me to get up in the morning. After I went to (A) I have not had any more pain!