13th June 2023 – a Teacher.


(J) 8 years old.

A boy of eight years old spontaneously starts talking to me about his dreams. It’s good to know that he Meditates every evening. He is familiar with meditation on Light and Sound.

In his dream, he travels to various Planets. He feels very much at home there. He also says that he finds traveling incredibly enjoyable. He also describes these Extraterrestrial beings. They have a truly Alien appearance, especially with large eyes. They have arms and legs, usually very large. In his dreams, there are moments of contact, but it usually doesn’t go much further than a hello. He usually receives a hello in return.

In his Meditation, he also encounters Extraterrestrial beings. They approach him very calmly. It feels very familiar to him. (J) easily disconnects from his body, allowing him to travel through the universe easily. He sees a lot of colors, in stars or in a Plane. It’s all very different. Often there are colors like magenta, green, but also stars.

At the age of eight, (J) has reached a very high State of Consciousness in his Meditations. He is a serious but also cheerful boy.

(L) 5 years old.

(L) also regularly talks about his dreams. He occasionally makes contact with Extraterrestrial beings. He describes them as beings with large eyes, bluish-gray skin, shiny. (L) is also familiar with extraterrestrial beings. (L) travels through space quite easily. He finds it pleasant as well. He also sees many Planes with different colors, and stars, for example.

(L) also easily disconnects from his body and often encounters (J). They also talk about it easily among themselves.

Other children also talk about Extraterrestrial beings. Children mention going through a portal. It’s important to mention that these topics are not on our agenda. The children bring it up themselves and talk about it very naturally, as if it were an event that happened at school.