7th June 2023 (Mr S)


I started my fifth week following the ET mantras protocol as instructed by My Meditation Teacher (I.K.) again I will put the points of Realisations as follows:

  • I saw a Being resembled like a human being but when I looked at him/her closely I saw he had a black teeth and when I moved more closely he changed form and he became a Lion and when I moved closer he changed and became a very big reptilian – a Dinosaur. I tried to hold on to that experience but he suddenly disappeared.
  • Another day I saw another entity/being. He had black shining eyes, and also in that vision I saw a very big shining Star/Planet which was giving out light which extended very far. It also signified the relationship between Planetary systems including Stars and extraterrestrial beings.
  • Another day I saw a red Sun like the one I saw in week 4 and it was a sunset. When I moved closer to the Sun a being arose out of that Sun and he had a very black skin as if the fire of the Sun had burnt him and he quickly disappeared. This is the second time this experience has repeated itself as I saw it in week 4 but it also signifies that there are ET beings living in the Sun as it is also part of the Star system. Up to now I have not known why and how they have this ability to appear and disappear instantly. Also I have realized that we have the ability to travel very very far when we are out of our physical bodies.These Journeys give us Spiritual Experiences and these mantras give us human beings a lot of energy and take us very very far in multidimensional realities.
  • I discovered The healing energy has been added to me after these weeks on ET mantras. I am saying this because in one of my meditations I saw my image (as if in a mirror) and I saw myself doing healing to people. I came out of meditation and went to sleep and I had a dream which repeated the same scene I had in meditation. After I woke up my curiosity arose and I decided to apply what I saw, and amazingly I have healed several people up to now by using these powers I was granted during this ET meditations. I was happy and it made me meditate even more.
  • Now my body is full of life force energy and I only eat once per day and I always feel vibrant with a lot of energy and I feel I can even move for some days without eating anything. I just supply myself with this force and remain completely alive. Up to now I have not sat with these beings in direct conversations but am receiving messages in telepathic forms when I am out in the world on my normal activities.

    They usually tell me that what they do that is different from us. It is the correct use of seasons, space and uses of intelligence which is part of Godliness. Their bodies are much more subtle which enable them to fly/travel very far across the universe to gather different knowledge and experiences to expand their life.They told me that they don’t believe in GOD in the way we do on Earth, gathering to worship, but they realize that they are Gods and what we call supreme GOD is the Essence, within themselves. That’s why they can do a lot, even bringing new technological advancement to human beings on planet Earth.

  • They continue to say that a human being need silence of the mind, Truth of the faith and discipline of 3 things which hold forms. They add that they don’t go to school as we do, but they learn through space travelling out of their boundaries of time and space. They emphasize that the quality of anything starts with the appreciation of the value within it!