1st March 2023 (M.S.)


I have continued with the meditation on the second mantra and the experiences have been so fine that I could not understand.

After 10 minutes of mantra I start the meditation, sound in a glass void, rectangular veil in front and I enter. Indescribable blue-gray color with flames and contact with a Being that tells me it will be in continuous contact with me, its (is not him or her) language is not a known language nor the normal voices of humans.

From then on my experience has been continuous with this Being, even without meditation, it is as if it made me feel what has happened and what is to come, a lot of movement on Planet (Earth, Air, Water) in this time, but most importantly NOT FEAR.

Until today I understood the importance of this contact. And today I understood the company that we are going to have over time, it is so delicate and not very invasive that I did not realize how magnificent it is.