Universal Intelligence



Initiates of Light and Sound have glimpses of the Spiritual Realms on their Journey to Enlightenment. They report that the Energies they Meditate on are ‘alive’ and seem to demonstrate purpose.

This leads us to the conclusion that the whole Universe can be considered as a manifestation of Intelligence. It is however, so easy to miss this when observing from an Earthly viewpoint, due to the constraints of magnification and time. When we look at a rock we are oblivious to its amazing crystalline geometries and the motion of its atoms. At the other end of the scale it is impossible to see the complex nuclear reactions within Stars and the evolution of Galaxies.

Nevertheless, the whole of Creation continues to ‘tick’ like a finely tuned Swiss watch with each ‘cog’ playing its part. What is discovered by Meditators and is becoming more apparent to scientists is that Everything is connected! An excellent example of this is The Diamond Light Project.
This demonstrates the subtle, yet crucial, connections that exist between the Earth and 33 Cosmological objects.


Spiritual Beings

Spiritual Beings have been written about throughout the ages and appear in countless numbers of books and more recently the Internet. Religious texts are full of Deities and Messengers who watch over and help mankind.

We have been told that the Spiritual Realms are populated by innumerable Beings.

11th March 2016

Remember We have told you before that essentially We inhabit Worlds so different to you, that you can’t even imagine what it’s like. You would only get some way into the Truth of Our Existence and your Existence when you die and beyond that.

There is no way that you can imagine how many Beings populate the Planes of Consciousness. Most do not communicate with people on Earth as They have no concern for them. It is for this reason, and this reason alone, that the Beings that do Communicate have great Compassion and Concern for those who inhabit the Earth plane.

Many people will testify to Their existence as a result of Meditation, Channelling or simply detecting a ‘Presence.’

Sometimes They reveal Themselves as blobs of Light or in a physical form that is generally human or Angelic. They explain that this is to put the observer at ease. Their true form is multidimensional so it would be impossible for us to observe Them as They really are.

When They speak to us They will naturally use our language which may include colloquialisms and sometimes even employ mathematics which is of course universal.

The Spiritual Hierarchy

Among the Intelligences that populate the Higher Dimension is a group we refer to as the Spiritual Hierarchy. The name was first used by Helena Blavatsky in the Secret Doctrine published in 1888. We use the name to identify a specific group of Beings as defined below.

24th June 2020

It is a very good question and one that people do ask about, as things get confusing when we talk about multiple Universes and levels of Consciousness and the like.

There are innumerable Beings as you know which inhabit the Higher Planes. Only relatively few have an interest in Earthly/Planetary matters.

In very simple terms, the Spiritual Hierarchy that you are in touch with has, from the very beginning, always advocated Spiritual Light and Sound in its core teaching.

The Universe, with all its Dimensions, is vast so it makes perfect sense that only a small section of Beings would focus on us and our tiny Planet.

When people receive Messages from the Hierarchy it is through individual Intelligences or Collectives such as The Lords of Light. We are told that many are Ascended Masters that have had previous lives on Earth.

Often people claim to have had Messages from revered Saints and Masters that are found in religious texts and history books. We were told, from the beginning, that They would not be revealing Their past identities as this would get in the way of the Transmissions and could of course lead to flourishes of ego!


Masters and Gurus

It has been explained that Masters and Gurus are chosen for a particular Mission. They have a strong a connection with the Hierarchy from which they receive guidance and knowledge; they may also be given special powers and abilities.

A human being, no matter how Spiritually elevated they are, is still anchored in the World. As such they are prone to human failings and temptations which means Spiritual Teachers can mess up!

Enlightenment is a State of Being and does not automatically bring about perfection at an Earthly level. We are all here to learn life’s lessons and that requires perseverance and often a degree of suffering.


Clairvoyants also have connections to Beings in the Spiritual Realms, often those who have recently departed their physical existence. They will offer predictions of things to come to people who seek help with their Journey through life.

What is sometimes misunderstood is that the future cannot be set in stone, the reason being that humans have free will. So the best we can expect is the most probable outcome. Another factor is that any perspective, no matter how elevated, is always limited.

The Beings transmitting the prophecies have a restricted Vision which is dependent on their Spiritual development when on Earth.

We have received many Messages from Meditators after they have Ascended to the Spiritual Realms, for example this transmission from a dear friend who attained Enlightenment in 2015.

17th February 2020

I want to stay and give you an insight that people want, as I know it is what they are interested in. But, my main message today is: Don’t worry too much about your death and what happens to you. It is your LIFE that you should be concerned with.

Do as much as you can to help and give of yourself and to love everyone in spite of who they are. Like I said before it’s not your duty to judge, yourself or others. If you can truly do this then you will be ready to move smoothly into the “Heaven Existence”.

Of course, the Meditation is important too, in order to give yourself the opportunity to become Enlightened – the best gift of all!

They have explained that their enormous Freedom is due to them attaining High States of Consciousness. It seems that on death you simply go to whatever you already know.


Many people have been hypnotically regressed or glimpsed past lives in dreams or through Meditation. As a result they speak of previous existences and a Spiritual Essence giving rise to a multitude of Souls. They may further mention incarnations of Soul groups.

This is a tricky subject and depends on a person’s point of view. The fundamental question is, “What is your true Identity?” As you progress Spiritually you realize you are not the small self with its separate body, emotions and mind. You discover you are much bigger!

So when people speak of reincarnation they are only referring to the immediate connections as seen from a human perspective..


Divine Inspiration

When a talented artist or inventor is interviewed they often say, “It just appeared”, as if by magic!

“When I write a song, it starts with a feeling. I can hear something in my head or feel it in my heart. It may be I just picked up the guitar and mindlessly started playing. That’s the way a lot of songs begin. When you do that, you are not thinking. Thinking is the worst thing for writing a song. So you just start playing and something new comes out. Where does it come from? Who cares? Just keep it and go with it.
That’s what I do. I never judge it. I believe it. It came as a gift when I picked up my musical instrument and it came through me playing with the instrument. The chords and melody just appeared. Now is not the time for interrogation or analysis. Now is the time to get to know the song, not change it before you even know it. It is like a wild animal, a living thing. Be careful not to scare it away.”

(Neil Young)

This can best be explained by imagining that we all have antennas tuned to slightly different frequencies. Each person is then able to pick up certain information or Intelligence from the Higher Realms. Again, this is a demonstration of the connectiveness that permeates the entire Universe and its many dimensions.

As with any integrated system, such as a road network, some of the links are stronger than others. Therefore a musician will be born with powerful connections to melodies and lyrics.

The Spiritual Path

As mentioned before, Meditators discover the Intelligence of the Light and Sound Energies as they travel the Path to Enlightenment. It has also been discovered that many people around the World are Spontaneously Awakening and also testify to a Universal Intelligence.

When people attain High Spiritual States or have expansions of Consciousness they all report the same thing: they were ‘taken!’ It is as if they were pulled or propelled and had absolutely no control. This can of course be a little frightening but for those who learn to overcome that fear the rewards are immeasurable.

They will be shown Wonders beyond all possible imagination.

The thing that struck me most about my Enlightenment is that I was “taken” – there was no visualising, no trying to see or hear anything in particular. I wasn’t even sitting in my normal meditation cushion upstairs. I think if I had been trying too hard then it wouldn’t have happened (not then anyway)
Normally it would take a while to get into the Meditation but this time as soon as I got comfortable I felt as if I was propelled through levels of Consciousness – up and up. Each Level as I reached it felt different – I can’t say how – maybe finer energy. Other people have since said they experienced a speedy ascent but mine was quite slow and I was able to enjoy the feelings of the different levels. Then very quickly I was in a space with nothing there, I can’t remember how long, just a few seconds, there was no ‘me‘ there.
Then this overwhelming sense of Love. It is the uniting Principle throughout creation. I understood that Love has many levels. In the highest level it could be called God in form. Love is the uniting energy that joins each atom together to form thoughts, emotions and everything in the physical universe. Without Love there would be no form. I then saw everything coming from Me in the highest sense. Wow!

We recognise that the Light and Sound are Intelligences that guide us along the Path and Teach us along the Way.


Finally, it is the nature of the human mind to want to understand its Earthly surroundings, the physical universe and the Spiritual Realms. To do so we build models that represent the Truth which, at best, can only be reflections and approximations.

However, there is no harm in trying as long as we never forget the limitations of our construct. Many books and teachers will explain that the Creation has a specific number of Levels or Dimensions. Each Level is neatly assigned to particular sets of Beings each with their own dominion and special role. Additionally these Beings are given Human qualities and physical forms. From what we have discovered the Truth is far more profound and complicated. Therefore if we adopt such a model we should do so with caution and a high degree of flexibility in our thinking.

12th March 2016

Your question, “Do the Intelligences in the Higher Realms have minds?”

Well, not like you do of course, but you need to understand that there is a thinking process that goes on, otherwise We couldn’t work, learn and Communicate with you. Let’s just call it a ‘Heavenly Mind’, although we know that will give concepts!

If we are really trying to appreciate the Truth then we must humbly accept the limitations of our intellect and realize we can only have a limited perception while we inhabit a physical body.