25th February 2021 (R.K.)

I just Appeared to my Target (Gold) and I met a Being from our Milky Way Galaxy who did this kind of Traveling to help the Earth with safe technologies thousands of years ago. The Being showed me the connection between the Milky Way and Andromeda, and how manipulation of life energy which is also life force leads to disharmony on the Earth. He said all lights we use on Earth are not original,and they disturb harmonious frequency of life force and accelerate the aging process of the physical body to die.

He showed me how they use lights empowered by harvesting the life force (free energy) totally differently from the way we understand electricity in the modern world.

Andromeda Galaxy seemed to be like a replica of the Milky Way. Everything is connected, disharmony in any point is disharmony everywhere.

The Being transferred his knowledge and said it is the beginning of harvesting the knowledge on the project we are doing, to forge the link between our world and Andromeda Galaxy.