13th March 2021 (A.A.)

I became aware of a sustained metallic Sound and an image manifested and resounded in the vastness of Space. The image was like millions of luminous dots or spheres … very bright between white, gold, and a gradient from purple to metallic gray. … it was like a cloud of tiny bubbles? I later realized what I was hearing was the Sound of the Galaxy. The image was identical to that of millions of stars within one of the spiral arms.

In another meditation, I was looking at a Star, the surface of which was like gold lava. I observed it but I did not have a body, it was like expanded Consciousness. From this liquid, flames rose and one of these flames transformed into a Being and became a flame again as if trying to tell me we are not simply flames!

These Experiences are like a self discovery or acceptance of who I am..how infinite I am…how my Being expands and embraces all Nature‚Ķbecoming One.