29th March 2019


Everything – each atom in the Universe has Consciousness or Awareness of itself and everything else.

When a Human being gathers all the billions of atoms it takes to make a body, then these atoms are specifically chosen. A rock, or a tree, or a lion will have a different set of atoms. The Consciousness of a stone, for instance, will be limited.

Potentially, every Human being has the ability to be Aware of the Energies of Light and Sound. However, each person has their own unique set of atoms which can limit their potential to Meditate. Most Humans have their five senses which means that they can navigate their way around the Earth. That same Awareness or Consciousness can be used to find your Inner goal or Soul’s purpose.

As you become Aware of more and more of the Spiritual Realms and the massive Intelligence behind the universe and beyond, your atoms are ‘shocked’ into preparing you for further Revelations, until you reach the final part of your Journey, that of an Enlightened person.

Even afterwards you should Meditate every day, as you never stop learning and you never stop growing Spiritually, to your death and beyond.