30th June 2021


I’ve been waiting for you to ask this question which has been burning in your mind for a long time. It’s difficult to know where to start – as We know the answer to this question is asked by all ages.

Since the dawn of time there have been outerworld Intelligences wishing to communicate with the occupants of the Planet Earth. It is fascinating for them with its diverse lifeforms and vegetation.

The term Alien is a complete misnomer as it infers something that invokes fear or mistrust. On the contrary these beings do not wish any harm. There needs to be openness and acceptance to the fact that firstly they exist, and secondly that because they come from advanced civilizations light years away from Earth they could help the occupants of the Planet Earth in innumerable ways. But also there are many things that Earth could teach them!

These beings from other Worlds all have different remits, as do people on Earth. Their technology is way beyond what humans could ever dream of and those who visit the Earth would be able to impart many advancements.

The problem would be that these advancements would have to be given to discerning and trustworthy individuals who will use the information wisely.

We, in the Higher Realms are of the opinion that it would not be wise for advancements to be freely given. It is very apparent that the computer technology that has ‘leaked’ into human consciousness has, and will have devastating consequences.

However, there is a positive side. The biodiversity that has also come into the more Conscious members of Earth has been well received and implicated.