5th February 2021


In answer to your question about Initiations in other parts of the Universe.

This question is a good one and many people would be interested to know the answer. This makes reference to other lifeforms/intelligences, which science is just scratching the surface of understanding.

Firstly, you must be aware that there is no Planet like Earth with beings such as yourselves. There are of course life forms and a myriad of existences on other Planets in different Galaxies. This is far too complicated to look at from your Earthly perspective.

You will have a sense from your life with Gerald and your teacher Thomas in Andromeda. Can you allow your mind to drift to the possibility of countless other lives, each with their own specific remits and possibilities?

Earth is the only place where people can find God and Enlightenment, but other lifeforms have their own equally important remits.