7th December 2020


Just the beginning of some insights which will be very useful in your dealings with Seekers of Truth. It is always good to look at the Big Picture, as it makes things so much easier to understand.

Patterns of Behaviour

We would like to talk about this, as all living things have ways in which they operate. But humans are able to change their patterns, i.e. the way they think, feel and behave. They can make choices rather than operate instinctively. Because of this, they do not go along with the herd necessarily, but move in different directions.

Therefore, when presented with a Spiritual Quest, humans have the capacity to make decisions based on their beliefs and lifestyle. When someone is leading an Earthly life and things are tough for them, they understandably would like to change it, to get out of the situation they are in.

But that is not the answer! It’s all about acceptance – accepting who you are and the life you are leading. It’s all there to teach you what you need to learn. When you have learnt that particular lesson, things will change.

Although it may be hard to understand, especially as things are at the moment – there are many Beings (Souls) who wish to incarnate on Earth because, from the Heaven World We see things from a very different perspective.

The time spent on Earth is a Gift to be used wisely and with gratitude.