7th May 2016


The Ascent of Man has been well documented and people are aware of the cave dwellers up to where things are today in a physical sense. What isn’t well known is how the massive changes of thousands of years came about.

Civilizations come and go bringing with them ‘New’ knowledge of the Cosmos and people would become Spiritually aware. Then the Knowledge is lost when each Civilization fades away. It is as if knowledge is buried until the next Wave of Energy comes along.
So what We are saying is that there is no linear way of understanding man’s Ascent because it’s all cyclic. What is happening now has all happened before. There is no (New) knowledge! There is, and always has been the same Truth of the Creation and man’s part in it.

Spiritually the number 7 is very important. Many of the topics to be discussed use that number as the way of understanding how the Universe Manifests. The most important thing to remember with all esoteric learning is that it follows basic principles. There is no need to look at the details as long as these are understood. These principles are, groups of seven, spirals, and that everything happens in cycles.

So – to illustrate that point. We start at what you would call the caveman. There would be civilizations in groups of seven happening in cycles. Man would learn and grow. Then, after 7 groups of 7 periods of time there would be a New Age and everything would start again, but never at the beginning – that is where the Spiral comes in.

The basic learning over the course of time is not lost but is used to ‘kick start’ the next part of the spiral. However, man has always found God throughout all the Ages and Cycles and there has always been Spirituality on the Planet , as We have said before.