30th June 2020 (N.H.)


Back in 2016 each member of the Diamond Light group chose an object to focus on; mine was the Andromeda Galaxy. After receiving the information about the use of a special Mantra, I incorporated it into my Meditation session late last night. I then went to bed and was just falling asleep when……

I was projected through Space and was looking down on the Andromeda Galaxy. Photographs show the Galaxy tilted when seen from Earth. However, I was seeing it face on and the detail was simply breathtaking. The incredible blackness of Space was totally devoid of any Light and the stars appeared mostly as a beautiful golden white colour. I estimate that I was viewing from a distance of around 300,000 Light years and unlike telescopic views there were no stars from our own Galaxy present.

Energies then began to flow through me and Connected to several of the Star Systems within the Galaxy. This was happening automatically; I had absolutely no control of what was taking place. I then returned a second time and the process repeated.

When we were originally given the project the Spiritual Hierarchy explained that there was an important Connection between our Solar System and the Andromeda Galaxy. I believe that Andromeda represents the table (top face) of the Diamond which is surrounded by the other 32 points.

It looks like we have made a start and can expect Connections to take place with the other objects.