21st July 2020 (R.K.)

Upon using a new Mantra I have notice the following:

  • The Mantra brings about Transformation on a cosmic scale
  • The Mantra changed to another set of New syllables depending on the target I was focusing on.
  • There are living beings on the planets I visited. Though these beings don’t necessarily look like human beings,they operate in different frequencies of reality.
  • I visited the RZ Cassiopeiae Eclipse Binary

I was taken into a dark deep space and something like a door opened from a planet. There was a type of blue light coming towards me together with Intelligent entities. They were formed in brown star dust and appeared as energetic beings that were staring amazingly at me. They tried to send a certain type of energy towards me.

Then Energy started flowing passing through me and entering the Planet and it seemed to be the Transformation that was needed as the beings were bowing down to the Energy shooting from where I was witnessing.