Altered Perceptions


When living in the everyday World we rely on our five senses to interpret our surroundings. This is our reality!

However, if we dream, meditate or experience an altered State of Consciousness then we are clearly not using the aforementioned stimulation pathways.

People talk about Light that is more vivid than physical light and sublime melodic Sounds that eclipse their Earthly counterparts. It is as if we are perceiving Higher Octaves!

Therefore when using the Mantras given on this website be open to the idea that what you Experience will not necessarily be as you might expect. For example Stars might appear in unusual Colours, Sounds might resonate within your body and Conversations might be telepathic.

The rules of Time and Space as you would know them do not apply when you are dealing with the type of Energy that the Mantras give.

That’s why We say that you should expect anything! The rules of physics don’t apply here.

Simply be open to whatever presents itself and accept that it may not fit into your current model of the Universe.