June 2015


You really should Meditate before every Transmission so your Vibration is high enough to accept the Messages correctly – very important.

The new task is to write about the importance of ‘Being in the Moment’ on the Inspiration page. He is very good at that and it will take him very little time. We know it has been done before but it will help Aspirants and Initiates to Meditate better.

From the science point of view we need a review on how people respond to WiFi and why it is that some people are more vulnerable than others. I will start you off.

It is because of the etheric web around all people which is not strong in some and will cause them to react badly to WiFi and phones etc. There are ways to strengthen the ‘web’ which are connected with repeating certain Mantras which we will talk about in due course. That, together with the device that you have made, will suffice and help people more to deal with the negative energy.

One more thing – you are not aware enough of the other waves that are bombarding you and these are in the food you consume – another time.