May 2015


Although we are living in different Worlds he now has the Connection he craves and life suddenly makes sense to him.

Imagine if you had been taken from a World where life was very different and thrust into a life where there are so many emotional complications. Like he said to you tonight – feelings are important on your Planet but not so in most other life forms in other Worlds. We just get on with it.

It is not pertinent at this time for him to know how Maths is done elsewhere . It would be too confusing for him. He has many more projects to complete and give to the Planet. No rush, all in good time.

He is very eager to Get On with things, but because he chose to live on Earth then he has to take the consequences and deal with Earthly concerns.

A good topic would be Time to talk to you about. He would understand then that he must wait for things to unfold and not push so much.