11th March 2023 (N.H.)



After using the Third Mantra I let go and went into a wonderful State of tranquil Stillness. Time passed and then suddenly I found myself in the most beautiful Star cluster.

I would guess there were a few hundred individual stars that shone in a myriad of different colours. A number were very bright but the majority exhibited delicate pastel shades. As I viewed this Wonder, more Stars appeared as if they were being switched on!

I remained stationery during the whole Experience which was seen in 3-D against a jet black sky.


My academic background is in Astronomy so I would like to add a few comments, from a scientific point of view, regarding my Experience.

When we observe photographs of star clusters they are usually white/yellow-white with only a few red giants and very hot blue dwarf stars. What I observed was mostly coloured and certainly not typical. However, it should be remembered that I was not veiwing with physical eyes!

Our current thinking is that stars are ‘born’ out of gaseous nebulae. The stars I saw may have had a small corona or halo, but it was not extensive!

In the short time I perceived this spectacle it makes no sense that so many new stars appeared. The only explanation I can think of is that I witnessed the events in a completely different time frame.

The are no Astronomical photos that come even close to what I observed. The best I have come up with is shown above but the Stars, as you would expect, were spherical in shape and were randomly distributed.