20th May 2023 (Mr K.)


Hello I’m a Light and Sound Initiate and here’s my experiences when I started using the first mantra TEEM SEE LAA.

First I felt a lot of pressure on top of my head and also on my forehead around my third eye, with a lot of vibrations.

Then I decided to sleep, and from there, when I was in deep sleep I found myself at a place where I know I’m not there at the moment – I was in deep sleep!

So I looked up and I saw a sunset to my left and I decided to look on top of me and I found there were two Planets, one with dark light and the other was still shining and lightning by the Sun. This one looks like our Planet Earth but it was not Earth. 🌏

Also I was at the place where I could see strange objects flying (UFOs). I continued to see these things while at that place. I could not stop looking at them because it was a beautiful environment and until now I don’t know where I was when I saw those things, because I was not on the same Planet Earth.

So from there I woke up from meditation and found my body vibrating! also a lot of pressure on my forehead and on top of my head.