20th May 2023 (Mr M.)


I continued to do both the first and second ET mantras. Today I had a lucid dream. It’s just like a movie. I can’t figure out what happened!

I was on a mission in a star system. I could see clearly it was a war between negative beings and positive beings.

The war started on a Planet that was destroyed by ancient Planetary wars and so on.

Then after that, the positive beings travelled from that Planet to another Star system. At that Star system there was a Planet with life like Earth, but the atmosphere and environment was like Serengeti national park – a wildlife environment.

The negative beings, after receiving information about the positive beings in other Star system decided to take their spaceship and start a journey to the Star system,

I saw when the journey started. The spaceship was like those used in movies like the Avengers movie or Guardians of the Galaxy, but the difference between the spaceship I came into contact with was much more advanced than that in the movies.

The spaceship was slow at the starting point, then I saw clouds and then Stars. After seeing all that, the spaceship became very fast and disappeared.

From that moment I was not able to see anything until they reached the Planet where the positive beings were.

War started, but I remember one of the negative beings was using a mirror to enter into a positive being’s consciousness and take over control of their actions.

But the fun fact about a dream – I was able to be all part of being both negative beings and positive beings! 😀