20th May 2023 (Mr S.)


This is my first week using the ET mantras protocol, starting with the first mantra TEEM SEE LAA.

I usually feel a lot of pressure on my head, and then after this immense pressure. Automatically I perceived a lot of Alien life forms (Extraterrestrials) in which they reside in a strange World that I can not describe in detail, but in that space of my vision I could also perceive a moon very close to me, then I knew that I made a space travel.

In the second week, I discovered the presence of more ETs who looked like human beings but with different features – they had a very long tongue which is like a rounded belt and this tongue is like a snake, one which signifies their reptilian nature and the tongue is gold in colour. They had big ears like a bat. They had hard skin and they had eyes resembling a cat.

In that space I discovered a lot of stars which had different coloured lights, and when I continued with the mantra (now FAA ZEE RUU) I felt a lot of gravitation/vibrational forces and I had to come back on my physical body to find balance as these forces were pushing my physical body in all directions.

Then I went to sleep…

My Meditation Teacher (I.K.) appeared to me. He was instructing about proper meditation to some people, and I was nearby. He took me to a private place and he was giving me instructions on how to live with this new awareness with the society around me. He was teaching me how to use energy and make it manifest as matter or tangible form.😀 The next day after that, he came again and he taught me how meditation can break barriers and limits of time and space, towards the absolute cause which is True Enlightenment.