4th June 2023 (Mr S)


As I promised after my second week Testimonial here is what I continued to experience on following the protocol on ET mantras. I will highlight the points of Realisations:

  • I saw very strange Beings, with huge bodies and their activities resembled human Beings, but they don’t wear clothes as we do, but their genital parts can’t be seen. Their body colour is grey.
  • These Beings use transports which look like motorcycles but it’s not exactly a motorcycle but a certain strange technological transportation.
  • While in meditation this kind of strange motorcycle passed on my inner eye from one side to another and within it there were two beings riding it.
  • I continued Traveling using ET mantras and I reached a place in space where I saw the iron pyramids. I passed above them and in front of these pyramids I saw an iron board in which there was script ( words) written in a language I could not understand but it looked like some sort of Arabic language.
  • As I continued space travelling, I discovered the foundation of the many theories on space realities. It’s not a space but black seeds of energy/portals in which within it infinity realities are hidden. So space is not the end but the illusion which hides infinities upon infinities and when I entered this black seed of space/black holes I realized a human being is the whole universe with whole galaxies and we are traveling within ourselves!

I continued with the ET mantras protocol, now on the 4th week I discovered the following:

  • The first day I again saw a lot of extraterrestrial beings but these ones now look exactly like human beings (humanoid) but they have much bigger, huge bodies than normal human beings. They were using very precious objects which were constructed with precious minerals as we know them on Earth. The gemstones were ruby and gold.
  • Then I saw one person among them looking for a solution to the skin ailments he had. His skin had many wrinkles like someone who is very old. One extraterrestrial being appeared with grey colour. He touched that huge man and flew with him into space and he breathed life force into him and his skin recovered and became new like a young person again.
  • Third discovery is that my third eye opened and I saw the red Sun and then a Being came out of that Sun and looked like a human being but with black skin like he was burned by the fire of the Sun. He came closer to me and I could not hold on and I woke up out of meditation as if I came out of deep sleep.