21st July 2020 (I.K.)

My Experience with the Mantra, especially in reverse, was the same as (R) described; It also changed itself into different variations.

I also visited my target which was is deep space; here are my observations:

After finishing my Meditation on the Mantra in the middle of the night I decided to rest on my pillow, there was a rush of Energy and lightning everywhere in my vision. I lost the awareness of my surroundings and of my body and with the fastest speed, impossible to imagine, I was taken or shot like a rocket into space. I found myself suddenly in deep planetary space where I could see more than one Planet below me.

The vision was as if I was looking into the houses which are built in the space with many chambers within them. Then I understood the concept of connected universes for the first time.

I entered into these several planets from above as they were opening and there was light Energy passing through me and shooting in all of the chambers I was witnessing.

There were also several beings occupying the planets but they could not see me as my presence was like a big Sun covering the whole space from above while emitting Rays of Light that entered into their areas.

The scenario went for some time however in this reality the concept of time seemed strange because it does not exist or exist in a very different fashion. Then off I went back to the physical plane. This is not the same as normal astral traveling. It is very different as I just appeared at my destination without knowledge of my journey.

When I tried to visit two other targets which were the Open Cluster NGC 1342 and Chi Hercules it was as if I had already visited them. I became aware of a code barrier/signal indicating that it’s already done. The code was detected as an energy on my solar plexus chakra.