26th November 2020


You are asking about the Big Picture as regards the Cosmos and all the Projects surrounding issues to do with connections thereof.

If We do really look at the Big Picture, then it would have to be stated that each individual on Planet Earth is a very tiny part of a Massive Universe, which of course you are aware of. You are also aware that each individual creature, no matter how small, is crucial to the ‘maintenance’ as it were, to the Universe at Large.

So here We are looking at microscopic organisms and stating that they have effects on Stars and Planets, say, in deep space, billions of light years away from Earth. So, if that is the case, then it isn’t a big jump to say that every thought, word and deed on Earth affects everything in the Universe.

Likewise, from the Macrocosm, it is also true that the innumerable lifeforms and ‘Heavenly Bodies’ in all other parts of the Universe affect the inhabitants of the Planet Earth. Everything is linked.

As custodians in the Higher Realms We have an overview and can ‘See’ when things need to be reorganized. That is when We contact people in all places in the Universe to work together to put things right (as in the Diamond Light Project).