July 2020 (G.V.)


We start meditating with the mantra OMM TAKK SOMM OMM to connect with our emotions and clear them all to neutrality. Then we sang the mantra RAA DAA KEE SEE, that mantra was received by (S), and helped us 4 to connect with each other and get ready to do the job.

Then we sang the mantra DEE SEE RAA MEE, which completely took us to the spot where all began. It was in Giza pyramid. We showed up in the middle of the pyramid. The energy was really high I could smell the humidity inside. A special smell.

During the whole labor, the mantra DEE SEE RAA MEE was supporting us. (S), (E) and (M) went up high to Andromeda, Orion and many places on earth too. I was all the time in the middle of the pyramid, meditating and feeling all the energy. At some point I felt I was about to explode because the vibration was really high, my physical body could barely resist.

We went then to the Nile River, the water was transparent, we could see clearly through it. We felt so much love in our hearts, and we feel really grateful for this opportunity to serve. I saw many Volcanos and felt the energy of them inside.

The objective of the job was to receive from the higher realms of the Spiritual Hierarchy all the wave of new energy coming towards the planet, injecting it and activating many spots on Earth, but at the same time connecting these dots with different galaxies that are related with us.